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Google glass on the menu – photomontage

Google Glass  – served & ready

I was recently down in Frankfurt at customer visits and invited some of our Nordic and Baltic customers to a dinner at an Italian restaurant. Anyway, we were over 20 slightly chaotic persons around the table and I where somewhat amazed how the headwaiter kept track of what we ordered, not only regarding what we ordered, but she also kept track how well the meat was cooked rare, rare, medium etc. All in her head.

The headwaiter had good help to bring in all the food but.. her colleagues did unfortunately mostly all wrong and she had to stand along the short side of the table and pointing with the whole hand to get it all right. She felt a bit German with her organization although she where an Italian.

Then I was struck by the idea of ​​what a couple of Google Glass connected to a shared server could do for all of the staff at the restaurant, waiters and chefs. It doesn’t matter who takes the order, with face recognition and a smart phone with everything on the menu, which only needs to be ticked off with their personal comments will the serving become “a walk in the park”.

When the waiter for example will serve a plate of filet de bouef / medium rare.. yea even if several people in the group has ordered the same dish, the help that a waiters will get from a pair of Google Glass ´s with face recognition could be great, yes even if the customer has changed place around the table. The waiter will be guided between the tables like a personal GPS to the right customer..

order via google glassWhen the customer gets the plate, the system will tick it of automatically by the order system and no customer “should” be forgotten. Maybe a QR code on the plate can do the trick in combination with face recognition.

The question is whether we customers are mature for a technic like this, im pretty sure that those who are out with someone other than their spouse or have got out with friends do not always want to be “recognised” by a couple of Google Glass at a restaurant. Will see..

Anyway, the future is almost here so it will be difficult to protect yourself from all the monitoring. Or maybe its will be an option inside the Google account that “everyone” need to have to make your self invisible or faced out  🙂

Finally, I can say that although the waiters at the Italian restaurant was somewhat confused, the food and wine where really great and my clients where more then happy.

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